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Do you need support with your Minera controller?

Configuration examples you can use with your Minera


The configuration examples below ARE NOT 100% tested, so please take them only as they are: "examples". The options are only those ones you need for the specific hardware, they doesn't include basic requirements as pool configuration. Device path can be different and vary (/dev/ttyUSBX can be also /dev/ACMX or /dev/usbX and many more)


Gridseed Mini

--gc3355-detect --freq=838

Gridseed Blade

--gc3355-detect --freq=825 --gc3355-chips=40


Gridseed Mini

--scrypt --scan-serial gridseed:auto --gridseed-options freq=838,chips=5

Gridseed Blade

--scrypt --scan-serial gridseed:auto --gridseed-options freq=825,chips=40

Gridseed generic per device

--scrypt --usb 1:7,1:8 --gridseed-options freq=X,chips=Y

Zeus Miner generic per device

--scrypt --scan-serial /dev/ttyUSB0 --zeus-chips X --zeus-clock Y

Zeus Miner Blizzard

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 6 --zeus-clock 330

Zeus Miner Blizzard X6

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 24 --zeus-clock 245

Zeus Miner Hurricane

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 64 --zeus-clock 330

Zeus Miner Hurricane X2

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 48 --zeus-clock 330

Zeus Miner Hurricane X6

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 64 --zeus-clock 245

Zeus Miner Lightning X6

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 256 --zeus-clock 245

Zeus Miner Thunder

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 128 --zeus-clock 330

Zeus Miner Thunder X2

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 96 --zeus-clock 330

Zeus Miner Thunder X6

--scrypt --scan-serial zeus:auto --zeus-chips 128 --zeus-clock 245


Gridseed Mini

--scrypt -S gsd:all --set gsd:clock=838

Gridseed Blade

--scrypt -S gsd:all --set gsd:clock=825

Gridseed generic per device

--scrypt --set gsd@/dev/ttyUSB0:clock=838

Zeus Miner generic

--scrypt -S zus:all --set zus:chips=X --set zus:clock=Y

Zeus Miner per device

--scrypt -S zus:/dev/ttyUSB0 --set zus:chips=6 --set zus:clock=328 -S zus:/dev/ttyUSB1 --set zus:chips=64 --set zus:clock=224

Zeus Miner + Gridseed

--scrypt -S zus:all --set zus:chips=6 --set zus:clock=328 -S gridseed:all --set-device gridseed:clock=838